1st February 2016

Lots of Reiki 1 and 2 classes booked for this February, exciting times ahead. I can't wait to share the Reiki love. The way it works is for you to decide a suitable date you would like to learn. Book your date with me and then once you receive your home study pack start reading up in preparation for your days practical training with me, then you can start to enjoy your own abundant source of energy which is yours forever more. Who wouldn't want that ?

January 2016

What do you want from this year ? What would you like to achieve ? It's hard sometimes to conceive the possibility's when the end goal seems so far away. Being sure what you want is the most important step. Take the first step, imagine yourself in your fullest glory. Then think about how to get there, and take one step towards that goal everyday, before you know it you will be making Miracles happen that you would not have dreamt possible. Dare to dream, dreams can come true !
What will 2016 mean to you ?

Such an amazing session today, when a client says 'wow' after you have finished it's such a joy, you have inspired and helped another soul, what more could I ask for. When someone decides to take the step of learning Reiki my heart jumps for joy, my vision is for everyone to let Reiki into their lives.

December 2015

This week brought me a most beautiful client, a young woman with an ailment that she thought she was destined to have for life, but yet again Reiki proved itself with the most stunning healing. The following day I was messaged to say how much better she was, she said 'I couldn't quite believe it could work so fast' and that she would like to learn Reiki and make it a part of her everyday life. Gosh I love my job !!

People come to me with all sorts of problems, stress and anxiety being the most common. It gives me such joy to see the clients slip into a dreamlike trance and in some cases sleep where they can fully relax without a care. Not many people can offer that gift to another troubled soul. I count my blessings every day.

November 2015

Today I shared my gift with another, we shared a treatment swap. This lovely lady is a massage therapist, and very good (message me for details) it was such a pleasure to be on the receiving end of a wonderful treatment and to give the gift of a Reiki in return. The lady loved her session so much she can't wait to come again and I too can't wait to see her. What a wonderful world we live in !

October 2015

Wonderful Reiki 1 training this month, it's been so beautiful to see the delighted faces of the students as they 'feel' the energy for the first time, what a buzz, I even cried at one persons reaction. I am so fortunate to be able to spread this gift of self healing into the world. It's a feeling of pure love.