How Can Reiki Help You?


Reiki puts you into a state of deep relaxation, promoting a release of stress and tension. It allows you to let go of negative thoughts, concepts and attitudes, replacing them with positivity, peace and serenity. It can enhance your intuitive abilities and encourage you to pursue your personal potential through greater insight and self-awareness.

 Chakra points where Reiki is channelled.

Chakra points where Reiki is channelled.


Reiki helps you to examine your emotional response to people, events and situations, allowing you to let go of negative emotions and replace them with the feelings of someone who is loving, caring and trusting. 


Reiki helps you to accept and love your whole self, and can relieve you from a judgemental approach to humankind, allowing you to accept every person not just as a human being, but as a soul that is connected with all others. It promotes the qualities of love, compassion, understanding and acceptance, and encourages you on your personal path towards spiritual development. 


Reiki supports and accelerates the natural ability which your body has to heal itself, helping to alleviate pain and relieve other symptoms. Reiki balances and harmonizes the whole  body, with an overall feeling of well-being. It also helps to develop a greater awareness of what your body really needs - which will also compliment your treatment such as more sleep, better nutrition or an exercise programme.